PIKOM PC FAIR 2010 @ Pisa, Penang

Thursday, April 22, 2010



PIKOM PC Fair is a yearly event. Many people will find many great deals in PC Fair for a better prices and quality items compare to local IT shop which normally do not have much choices and discounts. PICOM PC Fair is scheduled according to locations and venues in different states.

Jane and I visited the Pc fair on the first day when it started. Not much people as we expected but the crowd is still there. Many stalls and booths were set up inside and around the stadium.

Apart from that, I've visited another Pc fair at KLCC Convention Centre as well. (Because i couldn’t find what i want in Penang’s Pc fair, T____T, so yah, i went down all the way to KL to get what i want.) At the meantime, enjoy my short post while I’m waiting for Josh to send me those pictures that we took the other day so that i can continue to blog and compare the difference between the two PC fairs. Stay tuned.



Penang PIKOM PC Fair, PISA


Top View of the Hot Stadium.




Spotted some cute animation in the pink VAIO, sony laptop.




& this CANON IXUS 130 camera




With new effect added on, its FISH EYE!! And not to forget we met the friendly sales man, Mr Lee Jang Heng.




Yours truly & Jane with the Fish eye effect on.. Amazing?. Go get one now, Jane.

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