10 little recent colours in my life.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

1. WHITE : New term started, back to track on the usual routine, Class then back to home.

2. GREEN : Weekdays – hang out with darlings after their class ; Weekends, stay at home, spend time with family. Don’t feel like going out that much anymore, LAZY!!

3. PINK : Did some shopping with Jane, since she wanted a new change, to a more perfect lady. smile_wink


# Shu Eumura

4. PURPLE : Darling Jane did her eyebrow shaping on Shu Eumura. Its time to doll herself up, since we’re no longer in high school, eyebrow shaping aint breaking your school rules anymore.


5. ORANGE : Had Sushi, since i’m craving for SALMON!!! Raw Salmon.


# Sushi King


Vivian & moi

6. BLUE : Spend crazy amount on the Laneige Product, each of us bought one of the Water Sleeping Pack Ex Mask & etc.


7. TURQUOISE : Movie Day – watched the lamest show, Just Another Pandora’s Box with Darlings. We were kinda lucky, nobody was watching the movie except for us. FTW Anyway, the cinema still filled with our great laughter.


# Gurney Plaza, our second home? Nahh.. Not anymore.. cloud_rain

8. SILVER : Cheong Kay session with Wingeez DarlingsRedbox.


# Redbox

[ playing with my baby Lx3 ]





9. GOLD : Spent my eighteen birthday with my loves one.


# Stay tuned for more update on my eighteen birthday dinner.

10. BLACK : Unfortunately, I broke my back on the day before my birthday. Unlucky me. smile_sarcastic Will be staying at home most of the time until my back fully/half recover..

Till then, Kisses.

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