Taylor’s College & Zouk4Play

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1. Another random day when Danny, Huiying and i got nothing better to do. So we decided to follow Penny to her college to pay a visit. Visiting college is basically doing nothing, everyone is busy with their own stuff, let alone us, walking around like fake tourist. Wtf.

P1010635Danny don’t have to Fly, so he is very free.. (fyi, he is working for MAS airline)


P1010640Moi & Penny


P1010642 Playing with Penny’s DSLR.

2. As time passed, we are getting bored, we couldn’t bear with the boredom for doing nothing so we decided to leave, then off we go to the nearest mall, Sunway Pyramid.

P1010643 Soon Chern joined us as well.

3. Later at night, my sister and i meet up with Marco, Yihan & Joonteng for late steamboat dinner and went to Neway Cheong Kay after that..

IMG_4038 @ Neway, One Utama

4. Went to shopping at Bangsar Village.

5. ZOUK – 4 Play on Thursday Night

P1010719 Danny, Soon Chern aka Robert, Moi & Ryan

P1010731 Three Gays

P1010733 Hottie, Belinda Claudia, nice meeting ya

P1010745 Moi, Marco & JoonTeng ; I’m taller Marco!!

P1010752 Robert is DRUNKKK!
Well, i would like to share a funny story about the name Robert. For instance, there’s once, when everyone is introducing themself with their name, so they started with, Danny, Ryan, Povy & etc.. When the convo comes to an end, there’s the last guy whose name is Soon Chern,(Hard to remember and pronounce). So his smart friend, Ryan came with a spontaneous idea and introduced him as Robert. Much easier to remember right?
So yah, the name of the Day for Soon Chern is ROBERT!! for you to remember..
with Ryan’s Stupid idea.

P1010764Moi & JoonTeng


P1010782 Looks unconscious aite?

P1010768Let’s call it a night for Zouk, 4Play.

Next up, Hennessy Artistry @ Opera - 19032010

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