Short Dislike/Like list

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dislike :

1. New term started, more people joining this sem which means MORE PEOPLE IN THE COLL NOW and MORE PEOPLE in the Kopi Tiam during break time, have to fight for the food in half an hour time. Multitasking uncle.

2. Gained weight in few days time. Apparently, my face looked damn round and my stomach/tummy is gone. Should have stop drinking & STOP SUPPER.

3. People who talk bullshit & act nonsense. (for male & female) Eg. People who blame their inadequacies on having too much caffeine & causing them cannot sleep at night. Bullshit much.

4. People who like to ask, 'Eh hows your SPM result ya?'  I'm not that smart lah, not much A's for me. So you smart ass, keep your sombong-ness to yourself, i don't give a damn.

5. My fringe, below my eyes but above my lips, So long yet so short. 

6. Scratches on my penguin tumbler

7. Telephone's music video. I personally think Lady Gaga is a freak and i hate her. As for now, i think Bad Romance's music video looks better. She ruined everything with the obscenity and nonsense. 

8. People who followed then unfollowed people in Twitter. Hello bitch, didn't you know there's an email notification will be send to notify the twitter's owner?. Noob ass. Well, there's a few in my list. Ridiculous shit.

9. People who cheat & lie to their gf/bf. Cheater sucks, Burn in hell!

10. New flavor of Eclipse, the purple pink one. It tastes suck.

11. People who add/approve all the people that they don't even know in facebook just for pride. Don't ya think its such a spam when you don't even know them and yet they comment on and liking all your status, pictures & etc. Annoying & wannabe shit.

Like :

1. My new Paul & Joe Concealer. Dark circles problem is temporary solved.

2. House Music.

3. People who like babies

4. The idea of the name Amber is banned by the government. Amber Chia will be the last one who can named them self with 'Amber' in Msia. I don't think Amber is a nice name, so i'll never name my daughter as Amber. Hence it makes no different to me. (uncomfirmed news, just liking the idea)

5. Girls with short hair. For those who had keeping long hair for long period and got them self into a new short hair look. Amazing try. Wonder when is my turn?

6. Mother with kids that is still looking hot. MILF, i like. lol

7. Starbucks Green Tea Latte with cream.

8. Getting a new Domain. sounds nicer or Feedback

9. Iphone 4G launching soon. Get to shut my bro's mouth and stop him from wanting iphone 3G.

10. Whatsapp application. Free for iphone user to chat though you have to buy the apps. Something like BBM, and it is able to connect with BB user if they have this apps as well.

11. Keeping low the amount of my facebook friends. Unknown or people who don't really know me nor talk to me will be removed.

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