05022010 #2

Monday, March 08, 2010

A midnight outing after Gurney with my friends, went to QE2 to meet up with them.. They came all the way down from KL for a short vacation here for a day or two.. Had some supper before we headed back to the service apartment..

Next, had a group drinking session at the apartment. Well, it was fun as everyone is getting high and funny games go on.. Things just kept going till 5 in the morning but no one realize until SzeNee came with this, ‘Omg, I have to be home soon, I need to go back and fetch my sister to school..’ Well it ended that way, everyone had a great night eyy..

Picture edited : Colour Pop


P1000535Clockwise : Joyce, Povy, Jonathan, KaiYoung, Mervyn, Alvin, Zephyr, Kelvin, ChianZhen, SzeLiang, Darren, JoonTeng, SzeNee. Missing Pohfern, she’s holding the camera



P1000562I don’t drink much, hence i got myself a new company, its Twisties. Twisties made my night man, but someone said, ‘eat somemore la, you will be fat.’ wtf T____T

P1000573 You can see that how tired he is but he still managed to gimme a ‘good smile’..

P1000589 Why they don’t look tired at all huh? I wonder..


Not to forget, welcome to Penang to all of you guys and the two men, Yihan & Howie. Too bad, didn’t manage to catch up with the these two heros.. lol

Till then, Loves..

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