05022010 #1

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A day out with my college mates and some friends..

Venue: Gurney – Dome(Shisha), Starbucks(Coffee), Segafredo(catch up with May for short while)

Time: After Dinner till Midnight? (until the shop close)

Date: 05-02-2010, Friday

People: Princesslockyalips, Kathryn the Cat, Bernard Cullen, Mindy Missychevious & Andychongyc

Purpose: We are just too bored! Is that enough?. Absolutely.

Went to gurney to meet up with the rest after we had our dinner at Good All with my sister and some KL peeps, welcome to Penang!. Will update about that after this post.. Yah, indeed a boring weekend? We ha plan it for like centuries ago before i went to KL, and everyone was looking forward, mostly are Kath the Cat & Bernard Cullen.. We had shisha at Dome, sorry they had shisha at dome, but not me and Mindy. We don’t inhale, you know? ;)

Kathryn Isaacs the Cat, sadly she’s no longer our classmate, she left me here and off to KL.. We will miss you, and the class is boring now.. No more teacher-student-fight all over and etc.. :(




Vainpot. & check out on Kathryn’s Samsung camera, the one with the screen in front.. I wanted it for week but i decided to get my current one after all.




The one that i don’t really interact with for the whole night, but still i introduce it him, call him, Shisha..




Look at our face, suffering?. *Cough and covered face*

After awhile, we switched to Starbucks since everyone need Coffee but not yours truly, she always had the same thing, SHC, Signature Hot Chocolate with Cream on top. Yesh, she don’t really take caffeine. :)


They bought some Heineken from next door, Segafredo..

And something happened.. Well not gonna elaborate much here.. *keep it inside our little heart and be our inside joke*

P1000533 Andy looks so damn… what are you trying to do Kath?.

Before i end this post, i should blog about this though its just a short catching up. Finally i gotta met May. Okay, i sound so interesting, yes, i was kinda and we were in the same design outfit, but mine is a dress whereas hers is long sleeve T. But somehow we do looked so Prisoner Style, with stripes along..

And not to forget about him, the photographer for both of us, Ah Chao..



Chao Lim Tok Chiang, my name for him, weird?


P1000520Such a vintage bag for the day.. Love it.

Till then, can anyone buy me a supper now?.

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