Thaipussam Getaway begins..

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Day 1,


Yours truly is on her way to Kay Elle(Kuala Lumpur) with her sister to meet up with her, yah.. Another sister.. Fyi, she has 3 sisters and 1 brother, what a big family aite?



The second sister, Poh Fern


Okay, yours truly was peeking her sister sleeping and at the mean time, she caught another sleepy head behind.. Do i have to point it out so clearly to show you? Guess no, she despite my sister, the sleeping lady behind is sleeping deeply, kinda obvious right?


Once we reached, Daddy went to pick us up, and headed to Klang for our dinner. We didn't expect the dinner to be until so late, but due to the so inconvenient traffic jam in KL, every single of our plan got crash.. FML


Candice & Penny tagged along as well..



Family picture;

without mum, my eldest sister & my brother..



No doubt the food there was nice, but.. It really took like two hours for us to travel all the way there just for a dinner.. I rasa DAMN BO TAT lur..


Josh & Chammaine, if you see these, just blame the seafood and the mothafuckin traffic jam.. It ruined my night.. And sorry for ffk-ing again..


I wonder how can KL people bear with such a terrible traffic jam? Maybe i'm too used to my little island..


Till then, going to cook her Tomyam Maggie for supper.. Because no one is getting her a Nasi Kandar at this time, thanks to the god-damn rain out there..

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