Barbie Pinky Blinky Nails

Friday, February 05, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, another boring weekday for me, no class on Wednesday, so i decided to go for pedicure and manicure..

Went to Pauline's place around evening time and had my nails done after an hour.. Fast?


I don't really like fancy fancy stuff, i rather had something simple to match with my current favorite, pink and Chinese New Year, so there it goes, my barbie pinky blinky nails.



Okay as the blogger said, she has no class on every Wednesday, so she will be very free on that day.. You people can consider to ask her out for a date? lol winks*



Till then, going to update bout my Thaipussam Getaway – Kay Elle trip..

Love Povy.


  1. So nice girl !! can tell me where can made it ? =)

  2. You know Pauline's nail art i think, on top of sunrise MCD.. :)

  3. hey, povy!
    i knew u like angela baby,
    but u look at this

    (please look at this, that's no virus)