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Thursday, January 14, 2010

As time flies in a blink of an eye, its already 2010, no longer 2009.. But what am i doing right now? Moving on of course but before i step into my 2010, I'm here to blog about my past and last Singapore trip during the holidays.. Its been awhile since i last went to Singapore although its like our neighbour country?. Everything  happened all in a sudden, we simply planned for this trip since none of us, practically just Vivian and I weren't going anywhere for this holiday despite for Jane, Linhui and Sze, they are always fully occupied with plans and trips.. Well which is really sad for us..

Anyway, i don't really have much impression to Singapore, but i guess as for now I'll just let this post express how does Singapore treated me for these few days.. Awesome i guess?. winks*


# Day 117861_1237846999616_1632482930_585864_2331144_n Did something funny yet weird, maybe we were too excited?.. Nahhhhh..


17861_1237847079618_1632482930_585865_7501133_n Yes, it was like finally.. We're on board.. lol


Btw did i mention that who i meet in the airport? Guess no.. Here it is..

met Jieloon and his cousin at Penang Airport, what a coincidence?


Later on, around evening time, we went to Orchard Road..


Okay, as a tourist or a local citizen, i bet every single of them will know how to make use of this little thing.. Know what's that? The MRT card.. Everywhere is placed with a MRT or LRT station.. Its very convenient for people to travel from a spot to another by this public transportation.. And one more thing is, i was really impressed by their working system, systematic and nicely organised. thumbs up* Wonder when is Penang gonna be like that way?.. Cough*




IMG_0812 Here comes the Christmas Tree..


IMG_0801 IMG_0805

And the Interior of the Christmas Tree


DSCN4617[8] The lightning behind makes me feel like Christmas is still around though it just a day after..



povy 009 Spot us if you can.. 



Ion Mall, not Far East Plaza laaahhhhh.. lol


# DAY 2

17861_1237846079593_1632482930_585842_1656443_n Another refreshing day at the MRT station..









Next, went to Bugis to shop for some cheap and trendy stuff..

IMG_0821 While we were crazy over those cheap, as in really cheap rubi shoes.. How can you resist a normal ballet flats which just cost you 5 to 10 Sing Dollar?. Definitely not..


 IMG_0818so we ended up with those.. (pictures above) But its alright, all of them were really really cheap..


IMG_0822 rubi shoesssssssss




Oh yah, another coincidence.. We met Sze in Bugis, she were here with her family since 24th of Dec.. Well, since everyone is here, we will never let alone the chance to take the sticker pictures, together..



 IMG_0827Lovely? Sorry for poor picture quality.. Thanks to my noob baby iphone..


IMG_0837   IMG_0839

IMG_0828   P10100212_thumb2

IMG_0829   IMG_0831



Our Master piece..


IMG_0824Cute shades..



Later on, met up with Jieloon.. then we headed to Vivo City..




Caption for picture below : Sing-sian, Malaysian, Malaysian, Malaysia & Singaporean

22660_223603237429_694787429_3104135_2166724_n Nice meeting you Ellis, the girl in red jacket..


Ps: Nice meeting you, Rosanne and Michelle.. Michelle, I can see that you and Jieloon are looking so good.. Love birds..


At first we planned to go Sentosa, since Vivian wanted beach and sun tanning so much, but none of us bring our swim suits along so plan canceled, we changed it to Night Safari.. Well full of regrets, we shouldn't go, we were like paying the entrance fee to watch those animal sleeping at night and some none talking animal show which took us half an hour to queue for it.. FML

DSCN4697_thumb3Welcome to Night Safari


DSCN4678[5]  DSCN4679[3]

While waiting for the long queue..



Love the design of the restaurant.. What a unique name, Z'bar..




May everyone has An Otterly Wild Christmas, from Night Safari and present by LinHui..


IMG_0874 IMG_0870


P1010139[11] I'll end this Night Safari Adventure with my three darlings' pictures while I'm sitting waiting for them to finish cam whoring.. Exhausted..


# DAY 3

met up with some of our Penang friends and Singapore friends as well..


went to Orchard again, loaded with all those signature shops..



I wish that Christmas is still around, so that i can bring my Santa to this shopping heaven.. But i know this will never come true..


Night had our dinner and chilled at Mezza 9 in Grand Hyatt Hotel.. Something funny was, we were having Chinese Food.. Its pretty lame right?..

povy 022


# DAY 4

Last day in Singapore..

P1010230(2)[3]kkk Do i have to mention where is this place, again?..


povy 018

Okay, please don't look down on this black thing, it could be one of the smoother 'black sesame' dessert soup i ever hard.. Its super creamy and delicious..



One of the best thing ever, Frozen Yogurt.. Well, this makes me cough like hell.. But still, i like it..


Lunch before we left @ Iluma, Bugis,



DSCN4756[3] DSCN4757[2]


IMG_0894zzz Hmmmm.. I've to.. you know.


After 3 days, we gotta rush back to Penang before New Year.. But i rather spending my New Year Eve’s in Singapore..

IMG_0914While waiting in the Airport..


IMG_0906 IMG_0941


 IMG_0925Okay, its time to say GOODBYE.. Wish that i can be back really really soon..


The 4 days 3 nights Singapore trip was extremely fun and enjoyable though the duration is short.. But one thing I'm not really satisfied is, i didn't have much time and money on buying my Chinese New Year's clothes yet.. OMG this is driving me crazy..  

So what do you think about Singapore? Its indeed a good city to live..

Well, incase you are curious on where were we staying for these few days? This is a secret.. Come ask me if you want to know.. Yah, I'm being secretive.. Just so you know, its neither the street nor under the bridge..

Till then, cant believe that i took few hours to complete this berry long post.. Maybe I'm way too bored, boredom makes things turn out more efficient? Somehow i guess..


With love.

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