Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, dinner at Edoichi at Island Plaza with Vivian and a friend of mine..

 povy 002


There were some big aquarium placed next to certain table.. which were one of our table..

povy 015


See.. And some magnetic duster sticking onto the surface of the aquarium just to attract the attention of the customer.. Like what she does.. *pointing below*

povy 003 


Okay here comes Yours Truly..

povy 017



Next, comes with our food..

povy 014



povy 010



povy 007

Gyoza & some cucumber sushi


povy 009 

Unagi Roll


povy 012

Scallop with some cheesy stuff on top.. 


povy 011

Beef.. Excuse me yours truly doesn't eat all those..


povy 019 

Japanese Pizza


povy 022

Dessert ; Black Sesame & Green tea ice cream


povy 006

Some sort of Lime Soda?


Well, next up will be our entertainment of the night.. SAKE..

povy 005

#1 Flowerish Sweet sake..


povy 026

#2 SAKE.. Not sure bout the name..


povy 020


povy 024

Do you prefer a Hot one or Cold one? Get me a Hot one next time..


Lastly, yours truly and her bff..



And their accompanion of the night..

 povy 027

P & V


P/s: Sorry for less elaboration.. Yours truly forget to get those detail down from the menu.. Excuse me harrr..



Till then, still love me aite?

Love Povy..

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