Its been awhile..

Monday, December 14, 2009

since i last blogged right?

Yep, i think i last officially blog was back to a month ago, before i started my SPM. Besides those i posted by my baby iphone, ignore that.

Seriously i don't know what to do at this moment, now i'm locate at Gurney Hotel with my bro and John Tang, he's back from UK, welcome back Johnie.. They're playing cards next to me, and where my brother were sleeping like a pig now.. The always piggie bro of mine, even the outer look and the behavior.

I'm Effin BORED now!!

Guess there's nothing better for me to do besides blogging, right?

So lets blog..

Okay, let me start with things happened around me this days..

As for now, my mind is total blank, nothing bothering me.. I've ended my last exam in my high school life, no more SPM for me, same to my high school life.. Good bye, School Uniform and Good bye Form 5 students.. I'm no longer a High school girl, which means i'm growing up the next minute? Yes, i'm growing, aren't you too? Everyone is growing, even the world is growing like changing.. So Move On, i'm looking forward to my college life.. But not sure where i'm heading yet.. Any nice courses for Architecture in local?

As for my family, my second and third sisters were back from Melbourne and KL, besides the one in ManU, she's coming back in a week time.. My mummy and daddy? They are always fine.. My grandma, she's still the same, always thought that my grandpa is still around even though my grandpa had left us for a year already.. I know how much my grandma actually missed my grandpa.. Okay, one thing that is not very okay in my family, it will be my brother, He's growing fatter and fatter.. OMG, can you imagine a 75kg 14 year olds boy? Hello, its darn fat right? Yes, Obese! Every time i looked at him, reminds me of  'Chu 8 Gai'.. i know i'm bad.. But seriously, he's growing fatter without eating all the nutritious food, he does not eat any fruits and vegetables at all. Hmmm, a not very positive way right?, which is really bad for his health. I remembered he told me that he felt so stressed when he ran from a station to another which is just few meters away.. It was like so dangerous right? What if he might faint on the street like that? Hell No, that's my brother.

Next, for my best buds around me, they're always doing awesome.. We studied together and hang out together like we used to be.. But guess sooner or later, happy things like that will not happen that often, because i might leave to some other place to further my studies, But Horr, haven't decide where isit yet..

Darlings, you guys have to stay really cool over here even when i'm not around okay?

Jane, forget about the past, look forward to the future, he doesn't know how to appreciate you doesn't mean that others don't..

Vivian, happy with what you have now.. And i'll try all my best for myself as well, you don't have to worry bout me..

Sze, its very happy that we can really party together like the other day, hope you're gonna do well in your SPM for next year..

Lastly, i ain't your toy or anyone's, anymore.. No longer that stupid to be fool by you you you...

With love.

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