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Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Found this @ Jane's house, reminded me of Christmas is coming in 3 months times so does my SPM. OMG FML.


Watched The Ugly Truth wth my baby. Yes, my baby. I'm here imagine i got a baby or whatever like i'm in a relationship now. LMFAO.

At the first place, i was wondering why would they categorized this kinda movie as 18PL? Now i know, its a little .... kids below 17 are not suppose to know, but i bet kids nowadays have already knew it. haha

I like it anyway or shall i say, in everyway. Don't know why.

Lets talk about why do i like the show so much?

Movie starring by Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. The guy in the show was funny and he's right like ' Never tell a guy about what you care, because they will never care. ' So ladies, be smart from now on, never show any move before they ask for it. Otherwise guys will think that you're control freak or desperate. How sick.

Well, I liked the way how Mike adviced and helping Abby on getting the man she wants. See, never help people on their relatioship when you're single, unless they are your bestfriends. On my point of view, they will definitely fall for each other but not all, for some cases only lah. My point of view for a single person, prove me wrong there might be exception out there. Lol.

One more thing, is watching movie a sad thing?

I read this at somewhere somewhere, People who like to watch movie because they are SAD. They are boring and lonely, so they need love. They want to find false love or experience love from the movie. From Vivian Looi
Hell no.

Well, thats just an exuse for not watching movie with me. As what she thinks, watching move is a waste of money and time.

I've no idea. zzz

Don't care, i just enjoy watching movie or maybe i'm just enjoy being random to them. lol. By the watch, i've watched Up 3D. My first 3D movie. random much right? lol

Anyway, i'm still having my trials now, one more week to go. And excuse me for not studying at the moment, i need a break, a weekend break. Will continue tomorrow. More practise on my Addmaths, i suck on it.

Till then, Nights.


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