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Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh, one of my favorable phrase recently, Hihi.
Stop me if you feel annoy, but do i look like i care? No i don't. Smiles*

Yeah, one of my current picture taken when i was having dinner with my darlings men. When was it? Will update as soon as possible for the dinner post and some of my August outing post as well. Stay tuned.

Well, weekends break for my trial. Few more papers to go. Thanks god. Most of my Science are gone but Bm coming. OMG, i'm suck in BM. Can anyone help me to cheat when i'm writing my essay or just simply pray hard for me to get a credit from the god. Help! I'm really suck in BM. And i know the worst is, no matter how well did i did for my trials or SPM, once if i failed my BM, then it will be GONE CASE..

One thing, that hurts. I realised something i don't blog as good as interesting like how well i did for the past. (perasan i know) How wouls all these happen? Sob.

Once again, sorry for neglecting my blog and private it for a period. :)

Arranging my older post. Till then.

Ps: i’ll be updating more on my twitter :) Follow me,

Toodles *

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