Independent Day

Friday, September 11, 2009

On the 31st of August,

If i would be a Lesbian, i'll definitely married the three of them..

aha, sounds so wrong, but i like it. So beware if i turn lesbian one day. :D

Happy Independent Day to Malaysia


Went to Redbox with my darlings rushed for the lunch K but the food wasn't good as we're already expect. Waste of our few bucks for the lame lunch. FOL. Well, went for lunch again, waste of our money again, screw redbox.

Later on went back to jane's house. watched a singapore movie with them and took a short nap before going back to gurney again. Well so sick of our lifes right? Gurney here and there? What to do? Penang small and sucks seriously. Wtf

Then then then, the suckiest part ever for the day, i fell asleep when i was watching Imagine That with Jane and Sze. I was just simply sleepy. Don't blame me, i know i waste my money for the ticket again. Hell no, i've been wasting money for the entire day. RFML.

I typed the wrong date for Merdeka, August October. See how patriotic am i. Embarassed sangat* FML

Btw thanks to Darylene for correcting me.



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