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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

* 12th July 2009 *

Shopping Queen - Si - Bay

You may think those are what i bought,
but the truth is i'm owning the yellow one, ONLY.
What a sad thing. Poverty kills. sigh*

For Sunday, Mama wasn't around, papa wasn't free too. Picked up a phone call from vivian darling, she dated me out for a dinner. Oh finally a plan for that night, not alone anymore. winks* She reached my place bout evening time, and decided to go Queensbay with her aunts for dinner and some shopping spree as well.

We had our dinner at Paddington Pancake House. To be honest that, this was my very first time been there. I was always thought that, it will be serving some dessert besides main course and will never fill your stomach. Then i'll say, 'Lets go for something else besides this!!'.. OMG this is so not true. There're many variety of Pancakes for you to choose. I took about 10 minutes to go through every single thing in the menu. It was so confusing when i'm ordering the food. The pictures and the caption are tempting me, making me feel like ordering all together. heh.

The very tempting Menu, lol.

Impressive huh?

Well, these are what we ate. OMG, i feel so bad for betraying Dragon-i. As you know i'll be going there whenever i go to Queensbay, but for now.. Not anymore. Guilt* Ahh, whatever.. As if Dragon-i will die without me. Super Nonsense, i know. LMFAO

Pictures below are Yvonne Looi & Amy Looi, they are in black. :)

After eating, here it comes to the the Must GO Spot in Queensbay.
  • La Senza Vivian's fancied Bra and Undies..
  • Forever 21 Every girls wonderland..
  • Topshop not going today, got nothing. :/



What drive girls crazy ...

Below, me and the lovely Black Glove

I didn't bought it after, cause No point of getting one.. heh

Okay, beware. Its gonna be OMG..

Hahahhahaha, ignored me please. Heh

Last but not least, Not forgetting the Big Black Flutterby Butterfly Ribbon Pin. Don't you think it is so lovely. :)

Alright, its time to say Good Bye.. I'll be back soon. :)

Toodles *

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