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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG, its almost 2 now and i'm still awake. Why would this happened? Thanks to the extremely hot Afternoon during school time, make me feel like sleeping with the air-condition classroom. Gaya right? ;) I'm able to sleep in class because i'm having exams. So i cepat-cepat finished my paper. Thus, i gotta sleep after completing my paper. Hah.

Well, this is not the major problem for not sleeping now. I continued to sleep after i reached home, even ignored my dearest Vivian who came to my house after school. I got no time and effort to entertain her. Sleep will be my everything. Wtf.

And thanks to the continuous, non stop sleeping for 5 to 6 hours. It makes me couldn't get into sleep right now. FML. I'm having my oral test on tomorrow, how am i gonna wake up and be well prepared? Die die die, x 387950895480805324 times. Sigh*

Btw, wish me luck people. Heh.

One thing i loved the most in my room is those pictures hanging on my mirror,
with my families and friends.
Aren't they lovely?
Especially the guy on the left, its my brother.

Anyway, this is my super messy room, very indeed. With lots of stuff and vivian's so called rubbish. Whenever she stepped into my room, she'll starts nagging. ' Can you please throw this or hang this or keep this or blah blah blah... ' The only and also the always answer i'll give is, ' Tell my mum, not me. ' Hah. Cause she's the one who wanted all this, not me. What a bad daughter blaming her mum for the mess. lol.

However this have to stop now, we've to start cleaning up my room. Cause there's a Japanese Exchange Student coming over to my place during August. Yah, few more weeks to come, i know. But anyone can you tell me where are we gonna keep all these? The things that in my room or even my house is way much more than you can see in the picture. I'm not exaggerating, its like a total mess. God, I wish i can have a Doraemon yojigen pocket to keep every single thing. lol.

P/s, Sorry for ditching my blog, more updates are coming as i promised but . . . Anyway, all of them will be up soon. And yay! Last ICT paper on Friday.

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