Sports Friday

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The three Badminton Fat Ladies & her Converse.

As the title mentioned, last Friday - sports Friday, and also the weekly badminton day. We've been playing badminton consistently since the beginning of the year.

Went to Penang Swimming Club after our chemistry tuition. But today will be slightly different, some of our schoolmates are joining us, and vivian's brothers as well. Its quite amount of them. Sounds fun huh?

People involved will be Shan, Don, Henry, Lichen, Long Khoon, Haw Yang and Haw Shyan. And also the three fat ladies. You know who they are? winks* Met Sean, Tsu Sheng, Charlie, Laura, Bryton and some of them too. What a coincidence?. lol.

Well, playing sports with a bunch of friends are much better but seriously i've no idea whats wrong with last friday. People that came to play badminton are more than usual days. Everyone was waiting for their turn to play. Hmmm, guess why all these happened? Because it was the Badminton Day, Every court will be FOC. Or maybe i should say, everyone is getting fatter, they have to exercise more to burn their fat. Yah, like our purpose too. We're Fat! So Lets Exercise! Ngek ngek ngek*

Uhh, too many people, too little badminton court. Imagine, 10 of us sharing a badminton court. WHAT THE HECK!. How can a tiny court fit 10 people? So we split into groups, 2 person per group, take turns to play. Winner will stay, loser will leave for the next group. Fair and square? :)

While everyone are busy playing badminton/doing yoga/dancing or whatever it is. We're there taking pictures. Pretty Lame i know. Eh, the one and only day that i brought my camera along wert, so excuse me. :)

Hah, and i'm not joking, there're some of them dancing and doing yoga practice at the mean time. Sounds kinda nonsense but it was fun besides playing the same sports for few hours. But its true!

Later on, went to the bar at the sea front to grabbed a drinks and a Portuguese Tart. Yummy* Henry and the rest of them left early, so we went to another side of PSC.

OMG, the heavy rain started to fall. Hate hate hate* Everywhere flooding. Wtf.

I guess thats it for my Friday. Oh yah, sleep over at vivian's place with Jane. Fun night we had although somebody is missing. Hah. Be jealous you! ;)

Next up : Weekend Post & Disney's Year of a Million Dreams

Toodles *

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