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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Raining, still raining out there, non stop raining for freaking 30 hours already, since the day before until now. wtf. Wonder why. Anyway, I'm here to greet everyone a very early Good Morning, and i guess everyone is in their sugar dreams with the super nice raining atmosphere but why i'm still awake? No why, wanted to complete my brand new blog with a new header. And yeah, finally i'm done now. It took me few hours to go through every single album and searching for those pictures. Eh, i got 2o thousand pictures over all the albums, Not much lah hor? Lol.

Well, people, how do you think about my new header? will it be too complicated? Or too colorful? Should i change it to Black and White or leave it like this? Or too scary cause its full of my pictures? Or you people prefer my previous layout? Hmmmm.

Alright, guess i should go to the bed now, its almost 6 in the morning. Or else there will be another panda gonna attack the island.

P/s: since i'm having a brand new layout, i'll change my style of blogging. More updates are coming up and gonna blog more often. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Oh yah, be good!. :)

Next up: Badminton Friday & Emma Watson X Burberry

Uhh, rain rain rain. Could you just stop for a day?
I hate raining, everywhere is flooding. Wtf.

Toodles *

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  1. Don't have to change your header anymore. It's pretty enough. <3

    And yes, it's a good thing!