Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hooray!! I passed my Pretest on today, i got 17 out of 20. Not bad lah hor. Grins* Yeah i know, its just pretest. Why am i so happy? Nothing special right? But to me, It meant Alot! Hey Dude, do you know how annoying when you're driving a Manual Cars. Do you know how hatred they are? They've been killing me ever since the first time i drove. Sigh, the weather, the environment with all the different race (I'm kinda racism, sorry), the stupid lousy car does not functioned well and etc.. It makes the driving feeling even worst. Fortunately, i always got a friendly tutor, they're not as strict as others, sometimes they do talked some jokes with me to kill my time and boredom. smiles* And as for today, i met some of my primary schoolmates and a friendly girl from KDU. Conclusion, the driving lesson and pretest for today were bearable than usual. Because of i met somebody else and get to talk to. Yeah, Human are sociable animals. You can die if you're all alone. True? eye brows shaking*

Anyway, wish me luck for my driving test on Wednesday. Lastly, i swear i'll never drive a Manual Car after i passed my Car Test, NEVER!!

Toodles *

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  1. same here! i don't remember how to drive a manual car anymore! ;[