Dinner @ Victoria Station

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

* 4th July 2009 *

CAUTION: a long post comes with many pictures.
BEWARE! It might freak you out for not seeing such a long post after so long.


Saturday, not going anywhere after my driving practical. Decided to go for a dinner with my darlings, mum and bro, and some of their friends as well. Had our dinner together at somewhere really far from my place. As i've mentioned in my blog before, i rarely go to somewhere out of my area, because of what? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE wert. It was damn irritating while you're looking for transport from a spot to another. Like you know, its been killing me for going to Queensbay side, it was like going to another side of the island. But its alright, sometimes should come with something different from normal days. not any Gurney outing with my darlings, here comes the dinner at Far-Far-Away - the Victoria Station, somewhere near Pisa, Bukit Jambu or wherever it is. It was so FAR!

Before we entered the restaurant & after the so called long journey. lol.

train as the deco.

The long table ; we're at the end of it.

Theme for tonight : A little Vintage

Food & Beverage Section :

Bake Escargot

Hot Chocolate ;
your truly was suffering from ... so no cold drinks.


Lobster with Lamb ;
mine, cheesy & yummy

A birthday cake, while having a little birthday celebration for my brother's friend.
Happy Birthday!

The Tam Chiak owner of the blog.

& her Darling Jane.

Cam whore moment after the dinner :

My favorite for the day;
Took it while on the way/blur but lovable

Well, had a little talking confession with all my darlings. Talked about 'what do you think of yourself', a good topic with many circumstance for each of us. had a good talk with my darlings. Not gonna mention over here, its P&C. lol. Btw we got to know our good and bad eventually after the heart to heart talking. A sad thing is i knew that i got quite a number of bad stuff bout myself, sad* I'll try to be Good from now on. Good for me? LOL

"No one is perfect in this world, only god. So are you god? "

As for this post - Not so long after all, but a little late :)

Toodles *


  1. Never call. ;/
    I live somewhere near there, so far huh.

    Aw, you girls are so close to each other. Envies*

  2. okayyyyy babe, if you know that you have not been GOOD then BE GOOD from now onwards okayyyyyy?

    Dont look back into the past, what's more important is your future and studies. Work hard for it and your family will always be with you.

    Big big hug dearrrr!

    BE GOOD!!! *and i hope you know that I am serous*