Wednesday, June 24, 2009

* 13 June 2009 *

As for these Saturday, Viki, my classmate's birthday.
Had a mini dinner celebration at Manilla Place.
Wingeez, The Couple, Li Ming & Marcus and Lichen were invited for the dinner.
Grace joined us later on.

Happy Seventeen Viki!.

but you're not legal to drive yet.. Hah.

And not forgetting the present from us to him.

Cam whoring with the Birthday Boy, Mine and Sze's.


After the dinner, chillax at Starbucks and went to Upr later on.

Pictures with plenty of my friends.


McD for supper.
Impressed by the McD Breakfast Hot Cakes, love the Honey Syrup.

Toodles *

Should i delete my tagboard since i'm not replying anymore.

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