Pink Saturday

Friday, June 12, 2009

A pink day for the Saturday, Yvonne's pink eighteen birthday party.
Yeah, its pink. So all of us were in pink. awesome aite?
Met the funny Lifang, just came from Aus and the ppk sister Lichen.
& not forgetting the Singapore-Malaysian, Lee Jie Loon.

Well, everyone is coming back for their holiday but what about me?
Stucking in the fucking school until 3.30pm. FML

Chilling at Sega & Starbucks.
For the last picture, Fang's Happy Crazy Australia Pose.


Yvonne Happy Eighteen Birthday Party
Location: Her house
Time: 9 to whatever time
Theme: Pink

The pretty sexy Pinky Bunny Birthday Girl.
Sexay baby kiss her ass*

Great boyfriend & photographer of the night.
Cute pinky lovely tee on him, how sweet of it.

Happy Birthday Once Again!

Yeah, simply love this black little thing, a cute but skinny dog, he's not a puppy anymore.
He's old and blind. So sad. And he reminds me of Hei Zhu's Bambi, another old thing too. Hah
Yah, i named him as 'Oou Oou' (stand for black black)

Toodles *

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