Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More people, more idea.
Get me some idea for the annual dinner/prom for this year.
No masquerade, get something new for the year.
Hollywood ? Red Carpet ?
My final year in high school.

OMG, running out of idea.. Help*

Whats on her Mind :
- Money, get a new fragrance & a red lipstick.
- A better mind and a better sight, wish i could remember every single step for the dance. 1 more day to go. Dying.

- Where should i go for next year? Foundation course for architecture. Kl or Penang? But the most important is get at least 5 credits on my trial. Is there any problem my dear?
- 4 more months to SPM, but
i'm not in the busy-study mode yet. How?
- I'm gaining weight so hard lately, but
sadly my face is the only part. Hate my chubby face. FML
May not reply my tagboard anymore. Haha. But still i'll keep an eye, looking & checking.

Skip school tomorrow but gotta wake up early, is that a good news?

Toodles *

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