Chung Ling Gathering

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

* Another short and delayed post *

Its been a tiring day for me, the before and after. Because ...
- gotta wake up fucking early and gotta reach there at 6, this is killing. *Worst part #1*
- I'm ... *don't feel like telling you yet*. Haha *Worst part #2*
- Vivian Brian Darling refused to take picture with me.
oops, i shall say she doesn't want me to post any single pictures of her/me and her in my blog. :/
*Worst part #3*

Morning/Night? Fucked up right? lol..

And as for this.. Traditional dance
the worst part #2.

shy shy*

Inn, Me & Liming.
' We love Scouts ' proud*

Well, still there're some pictures with my Darling Sze and Darling Jane. They came as a visitor plus supporter. Sangat Baik punya kawan. hugs*

and Jie Loon as well. Hows the feeling back to your 'Old' school? Heh.


Last, cam whoring with my loved one*
we looked so lesbian. OMFG...

P/s: The jumping J picture was taken on that day. Pretty awesome aite? heh.

Toodles *

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