Chillax #1; Queensbay

Saturday, June 06, 2009

For Saturday, chillax day.
Chillax? ask me personally, other wise i'll keep you guessing. hiak*

First destination, Queensbay with them, vivian couldn't make it due to some transport problem. Dragon-i for our lunch/tea time.

Say Hi to my best friend, 'Nai You Hwa Sha Bao'
(some yellowish bau fill with some sweet milky cream)
lame discription. fml

Yeah, and this..

Forever 21

One of my best friend too, but i don't seems to connect very well with them, they're way too expensive. Like you know, i'm Poor Teng. sigh*

Later on met two busy bee working for LG roadshow before we left, Cleo and Charlene. Happy Working and earn more $$ yeah!

And this, one of my favorite time to home. Stucked behind the Smart-for-two. Wtf
Again, Poor Teng met Poor Khor,
Lucky Ong get to sit in front with Lucky Chun, the driver.

Chun, why can't you get a better or bigger car instead? :/

Such a big different ....


Later at night, going off to Gurney/G-Hotel for the porshe car show. Stay tuned.

Toodles *

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