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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Short post. Am having holiday now. Yah, like NOW?! And just for a week. Can you imagine that? People(government school are having two weeks hols start from next week) This is seriously wtf. Who to blame? The school of course. :D But what to do? Spend it wisely. Sigh.

Sunday, attended the Car Teory. I know, its been awhile after i passed my Undang Test. Was suppose to attend the course weeks before my exam, but out of sudden, was still awake at 7 the night/morning of the Saturday/Sunday. Umm, how can you expect me to attend a 5 hours courses without sleeping. Impossible right? So things keep delay and delay. Attended the past Sunday eventually. :) Boring and sleepy, but its bearable when a Psp is with you, curi-curi play with it to Kill Your Time.

Yay! Its Sunday, Family day with mum and bro, shopping and movie! watched ICAC, I Corrupt All Cops with them. Met vivian darling later on, after the movie. Did some window shopping with her and her family aswell.

This is for Monday. Ah Ma's Home Cook Meeeeee. ;)

(Da jie, Er Jie & Joyce,
Miss this right?) slurpss*

Turning into:
The heart of Life - John Mayer


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