Sakae Sushi

Friday, May 29, 2009

An hour before - Habitual moment for every girls or lady.

For Wednesday, Ah Looi dropped by at the Teng's place. At the mean time, Ah Teng was craving for cakes and sweet stuff, so desperately, so they went off to Manila Place to had two slices of Tiramisu and Chocolate Mint cake. Auntie Yvonne came after awhile and brought the two of them to Sakae Sushi. They ate again, not much don't worry. But Ah Teng is trying so hard to gain her weight, any suggestion or any secret recipe to help? ;)

A walk after the dinner @ Gurney Drive. Pretty Random, tourist wannabe. lol.

Alright, she just took her passport size picture for her L license.
But she haven't started her very first time car practical yet. zz

*Appear offline*

Coming up next, A day out with Yvonne & mini reunion before Sze off to Aus. Stay tune.

Toodles *

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