Hectic Weekend

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Turning into:
Thinking of you - Katy Perry

Hah, i'm blogging again. Why? Feel so down for my non updated blog, gonna dig something out, to fill some colour in. :)

* Gurney/Hennessy Artistry/Mois *

The day & the night ; White & Black


Before hanging out, dolled up ourselves.

Theme for the day - White.

Angelic? Do we look innocent instead?
absolutely not.

The day and Gurney was . . fine. Crowded, loaded with many peoples as usual. Met some friends. Hellooo*

And this is Lichen. :)


Around evening time, headed to Queen Elizabeth II for the event and took our dinner there before the the event started, everything was fine and just in time.

Hennessy Artistry on the red carpet.

Dinner ;

Eating. Random/candid shot*

Oh met the Hot mama, Hooi Hooi. She's working for this Hennessy Event, serving with some Hennessy. Too bad, we don't take heavy alchohol, prefer something lighter, Champagne instead.

What a Hot Mama with a cute daughter? :P


After a while, its getting more and more people. As we can see Caprice, one of the local singer and some dancers around the QE II VIP area. After the dinner, went around and met up with Cleo, Joan, Sabrina, Charlene and some of their friends as well. It was fun and enjoyable.

Yeah! Its Caprice and comes with the Fantasy girl.

With the Host of the night.


After awhile, can't stand the crowd and left there earlier, headed to Mois, continue the second part of the night. Nothing much to do inside the club, besides dancing and drinking.

Well, lets some of the pictures do the talking for this section.

And this,

Jumanji Night in Mois

Thats it for Saturday Night. My once in awhile club life. So healthy.


For the next day, Sunday morning, woke up early and went for breakfast but it ain't whatever Beautiful or Perfect Sunday. Was too tired for night before, exhausted.

Took a short nap in the afternoon. Went to Gurney with Jane to meet up with my sister's boyfriend, all the way from KL.

Welcome to Penang the island*

An simple introduction, Bryan Lim Shih Yen
(I called it Lim Sei Yeh, lol)
From KL, was here for some modelling stuff.
He is tall, muscular and huge.
He don't speak Hokkien, speak poor Chinese.
And he is my sister boyfriend,
so he's Taken. Don't think too much people.

Brought him along to Gurney Drive to have something special in Penang.
What a good tour guide am i? :)

After the meal, joined Grace and Eugene for a short talk at Dome. Funny jokes sharing time, it was great. Bernard bin Muhammad came later on.

Eugene, the Looi's cousin

Grace Looi

The Bryan & Jane


Time flys & its time to say goodbye.
Singing off*


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