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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday ;

A day out with all of 'em.

First, start with the high tea talking session at Winter Warmers with Vivian and Yvonne. Then off to Toy'r'us and some other shop to look for the bunny ears. Couldn't get a pair of bunny ears that we like, all of them/the last piece was cacat-ed, the bunny ears can't be stabilize properly. wtf.

April dooodolls from Toy'r'us

About evening time, met up with Jane and Sze. Was planned to go for the buffet dinner at redbox, but the price is killing and the place was packed cause they're having some casting right at that time. zz.. Then off we go to this place - Ko Fu Loft for our dinner. Was the former Food Loft, same place but serve with different cuisine. But one thing still remain the same, the deco of toilet. Brightly shine and clean. :)

Girl's best friend, mirror.

Personally, the environment and the service over there weren't that bad but the food? Was out of our expectation, the portion was extremely small even just for five of us. Started to complaining* Luckily, the supervisor came by and observed something goes wrong. Yes, the Fish was not fresh at all!. Then he quickly served us another one to replace for it. Whoo! Lucky us can you see? And sorry if i'm too picky. But we got the 'hak pengguna' wert. ;) Well, we did finished all the foos somehow.

And yeah, dessert after dinner. Gurney Drive for Tou Fu Fah and comes with a stall 11's laksa. How can we resist not to take laksa when we at Gurney Drive right? :)

Hmmm, before we ended our day, They bought some ice cream at Gelatomio, black sesame & Hazel but. Yummy* Well my darling Sze is going to Melbourne soon. (she's already there) Will miss you and remember to get us souvenir and soy sticks. remind my sister. ;)

Toodles *

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