Birthday Post

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

* Happy Birthday *

Happy Birthday Darling Jane Ong Yu Ying.
On the 7th of May.
Welcome your super fabulous seventeen.
Stay hot and pretty darling,
may all your dreams come true,
straight A's in your SPM,
be a successful lawyer in future and etc.
Last, hope you'll get a better one, very soon.
Let the past be the past.

And don't forget bout us, Wingeez.
We love you, always.


Some of my darling's pictures, in case you don't know how she looks like. :)


Recall some of our memories. :)

Alot more, posted some.
This is why girls like to take pictures, got it? All the guys? Hmmm

P/s : I'm not late this year. :)

Well good night and sleep tight, have a super sweet dream, jane.
& same to you guys.

Love Povy


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