05 Update #5 Labour day trip

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello people, its been a boring/colourless weeks i had recently, was having exam and tired for all those outing. Hmmm, as time pass, my exams had come to an end, Holiday comes to the moment too. (Not any other government school alright? It sucks.) Since i got nothing to do at home, gonna slightly blog about my short trip during my Labour day holiday.

30th of April- 2nd of May, My 3 days 2 nights Labour day holiday was spent in KL, not anywhere else. (i'm poor) Shopping was the main purpose for this trip. So i'm spending most of my time in Pavilion and KLCC, as i was staying at the hotel next to KLCC, Mandarin Oriental hotel. It only take few steps to move my heavy legs from the hotel to the mall, and from the mall back to the hotel, pretty convenient right? Besides that, met some Kl people, they are just simply friendly. :)

The Hotel ; MO

Hmmm, for my few days trip, other than shopping, one of my favorite past time will be the evening cocktail served by the Hotel. It was the Japanese cuisine when the first day i reached whereas the second day will be something different like some Western afternoon tea break served with many variety of foods and wine. Too bad have to go back on the third day, otherwise i'm going to enjoy another special evening cocktail. :/

And yeah, had my first Turkish meal in this trip too, Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cousine @ Pavilion. Well, at the mean time, was suffering from tooth-tightening season. (i'm having my braces on and just had my dental appointment 2 days before, suffer.) Can't really chew hard things and also sick of seafood. So ordered something softer and had a seafood-free-Turkish-meal. The food was nice, i'm trying to finish all but due to the cacat-ness of my teeth, i failed in the end. :/ Anyway, experience different food serve with different culture, was a best try for a Malaysian though. :)

Seafood-Free! @ Bosphorus Fine Turkish Cousine

Later at night, Chilling @ Sultan Lounge after doing some shopping until the shops are closed. Nothing much to do in the lounge, chilling or drinking or playing pool, of course i'm not the one who played, just spending some time and drinking down there, listening to the house music (hardly recall) and eating Chicken Gordon Blue as my late dinner. Then off to hotel and had a great sleep, i supposed. What a boring night for me aite? Pitiful.

And yeah, i like the interior design start from the hotel elevator part to inner part of the lounge. Unique.

Sultan Lounge

Guess thats it for my Short trip, spent it with quality but not quantity. Anyway, headed back on Saturday evening. Goodbye, and people ask me, hows my trip? Enjoyable? *take a deep breath* and i'll say, I'll keep the answer to myself. :D

P.s 1: Not much picture taken for this trip, paiseh*
i know, fail to be a blogger. I'm not anyway, am just a girl who likes to blog. :)

P.s 2: Check out the date, peeps. This post is suppose to be posted up much earlier than the rest of the 05 Update. wtf

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  1. Sultan Lounge? are you sure its just basement of the hotel? I saw few photos of these before but it was from the mags not blog and heard the whiskey and spirit there are expensive to hell...but why alone? anyway nice to meet you ryan here