05 Update #4 Redbox Thurs

Monday, May 25, 2009

Yay, exam is over. Gotta settled something after school. Sorry Adrian for canceling the physics tuition, its not our fault. Something caught us on that moment. :/ Well, after everything are settle down, decided to go redbox to release our anger and stress! Umm, we're facing alot of problems nowadays, utterly fed up with those drama happened these days. But its alright, will try to get over with it. Work harder babe! :)

Yeah, time to talk about Redbox. When we first get in, this little red packets caught our eyes. Its a little Red Sanitized microphone covers. Clean and Safe. People, Used them for the sake of A H1N1 is in the island now!! Scary.

Jane and Grace joined us too. Yesh, we got a big room for 4 person. simply lucky us? ;) And dinner at Breeks later on, huha-huha again. :)


Well, i'm gonna show some caring and Love. ;) A H1N1 flu is in the island now. People be well prepared, go grab your mask now in Watson, Guardian or wherever it is, don't forget to get yourself a sanitizer to keep your hand clean all the time. Its your life in your hand.

(For safety)

(For the sake of Pretty, ;)
Cute but hard to breath if two layer of mask is on)

Read this : Kill 99.99% of germs WITHOUT WATER

It only cost less than RM 6.

I think people are derisive. Why do they wear mask to prevent A H1N1 flu? But why aren't they wear condom to prevent for AIDS or HIV? Ironic, isn't it.

Turning into:


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  1. Wow your mask so nice and funny. Btw it's good creative work. haha!

    The Dettol Hand Sanitizer my friend got and I tried it, it's good in using. Wash hand without water is cool and the smell seems nice. =)