05 Update #3 Starbucks Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

16th of May, Another Saturday, Another Gurney Day, A Starbucks Day. Had my dinner at Kozue and chill at Starbucks with my darling Vivian. Talked alot and shared secrets. Met up with grace after vivian off to the boyfriend's house. Again, talked alot with her, and now only we know everything that lies behind the truth. Huha-huha* Chit-chattings about KatCheong. (copied from Vivian's blog)

Little pressie for their 2 years plus anniversarry,
How sweet of her. Envy*

Later at night, mixed with Grace and Dou Ling before the late night ends. :)

Turning into:
我的回忆不是我的 -


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