05 Update #2 Mothers' day celebration

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some cute little Mothers' Day card by my little cousin.

First of all, Happy Mothers' Day(its been very late, i know). On the 8th of May, some of my aunts came all the way down from Kl to celebrate Mothers' Day with my mum cause they know that, her 3 out of 4 daughters (i'm not included) are not around and not able to celebrate with her, this is very sad for a mother okay? But anyway, she's still having 2 with her, my brother and i. But unfortunately, my brother have a tuition to attend, so he couldn't make it up to that night and replaced by Lucas, my god bro. We had our dinner at Harvest Inn Cafe, a nice place for friends or family to have some little time over there. The food are simply nice and reasonable. I'll go there again with my darlings one day. :)

Pictures above: Mum, Grandma, Grandma's sister, Aunt Janet(2nd aunt), Aunt Carmen(4th aunt) & Dylan(My cousin)


My very cute lansi cousin, Dylan
he refused to call me 'Piu Jie' & take picture with me. :(

And this is Povy, the people who blogged.
Host of On Everyone's Lips.
(Ignored my ugly eye make up for that night)

The next day, accompanied my aunts to Gurney to do some shopping, but nothing much to buy also. Boring mall in Penang. :/

Turning into:
Money - Dirty Sexy Money OST


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