05 Update #1 Belated Birthday Post

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

* Short updates *

Happy Birthday Darling,

7th of May, was her big day on 2009. Had a mini celebration/wingeez reunion at Hageen Dasz with some of our close friends. (Do i have to mention who are they?. I don't think so) Took some light dinner before we had our ice cream as our dessert. :)

And yeah, met up with our girl too, Sze Sze.

Well, someone pay a visit and bought jane a Cookie and cream's ice cream cake. *points, picture above, Jane holding* And managed to help us to take a wingeez group picture. Thanks?*

Picture ain't that perfect before editing,
due to some technical problem by the camera man.
But still, i'm loving it.

Short Note: Happy Belated Birthday to my eldest sister, Joanne Teng.
Love you till bits, all the best & stay sweet with him aite? ♥

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