What a sweet surprise

Monday, April 06, 2009

Turning into:
Takin' Back My Love - Ciara & Enrique Iglesias

Sweet Surprised Saturday

In black Lace Dress ;

Went to Gurney as usual, going for dinner with Vivian and Sze in Winter Warmers. Its raining Saturday.

After our dinner, headed back to Gurney Hotel and things begun . .

When i first got into the room, It was dark and the lights were off. All of them popped out suddenly, and heard this 'Surprise!!!'
And i see them,
Jane and Meikee, thought they were off to other dinner with Meikee's family?.
Cleo, Emily and Jeremy, thought they were going for Fast & Furious 4?.
Sabrina, Joan and Charlene, thought you guys were in Gurney?.
LinHui and Lichen, were here too.
It was amazing. And of course, Vivian and Sze sze along with me all the way from Gurney.

And was told by Jane, Inn Inn and Kean Lit came earlier too, but they've to leave early for reason. Thanks for the presents and coming although i'm not around on that time, sorry bout that. You people were there to surprise me too? smiles*

Oh Its me,

I was too happy hence my smile doesn't look good in this picture,
Picture taken by Sabrina.

Yes, they are!! Those who surprised me with these party.


After a while, the bells rang. Yeong Khang, Janice, Venice, Eddy and their friend, John. Wasn't expect so many people to come, as it is a surprise party. Thanks yea. (Not much lah i know. zzz)

Pictures with all girls and a guy, Jeremy and Yeong Khang.

The guys of the night,

Yeong Khang, John, Eddy & Jeremy
Too many girls but too little guys.

Group pictures with all the girls.


Later on, Yvonne came along with her boyfriend, Matthew. Thanks for coming yea. :)

Two similar design on them, Leopard skin!
What a coincidence yea.

*cough cough*

Picspam begins,






Onlyxjanice & Yeong Khang the middle-been-covered-face-guy.

Povy, Janice, Venice & Vivian

with Jane


And finally,

Thats it for Pictures Spam, Does they hurt your eyes with all my pictures?
Hopefully not. :)


Highlights of the night

What happened in the party when Yvonne's arrival.
Girls gathered together and talked.

Isn't it funny with all the heads around.
Gossiping? Or discussing?
(One of my Favorite pictures)

Its couple of the day,
Sweet Couples


Cleo & Jeremy


Yvonne & Matthew.

Another pair? I missed it, they left early. :/


The day was fun, took alot pictures but part of them are up only, not all. Well, lets the pictures do the talking for the rest of the party.

First, all the girls were on the bed.

Then people starts to playing around,
example one, Posing with the black hairbands,



Next, Pose like a Rockstar,

Sabrina, Cleo and Joan, the stunning Nga's and Oh.

Bully Cases around,


Meikee, been bullyied by Joan.


Poor Lichen been bullied before she went back.
Well, its normal, you can see this scene everyday,
if you're in my school. Lol.
By Vivian.

And taking pictures on the Bed,

Looks like some Magazine Cover pictures aite?
Great one except the Ganas Meikee. Tsk*

Besides that, Chit-chatting while waiting for Food . . .

When the Food is back, everyone started to eat . .

Awww i can see most of the cakes are gone in this pictures, true yea? ;)

Joan was wearing Meikee's Jean and Sabrina's heels.

' Yo, check it out, its Joanisacookie in the house. . . '


And the presents they bought.

Thanks alot. :)

Well, time to say goodbye. They left about 11 something. I know its kinda tiring and late.

Love you girls.

The night ended this way, Happy Sleepover in Gurney Hotel.

Note: The party was indeed surprise and fun, thanks to all the unexpected sweet appearance and presents. It was enjoyable and great. Thank you my friends, especially Jane and Vivian.

Goodnight, with loves around.

P/s: Will be continue or update a little more when i get more pictures from Cleo. I'm waiting. . . :)



  1. din invite me go.... if not can be ur personal photographer =P

  2. haha, you're a photographer? Whoaaaa.

    Where are you from huh? possibly not in this Penang island right? Thats why. :X