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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning into:
Untouched - The Veronica

Its been awhile since i last update my blog, don't really feel like blogging these days. Anyway, i'm not busy at all, just feel like rotting at home, be a Roti with all the fungus around. Yeah all the bullshit!

Okay Readers, stop questioning me for why i don't blog frequently and WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE? I've been hearing this from a number of my friends, 'Eh every time i went to your blog, it take times to load okay?, (They claimed that its waste of their time, T__T) mana tau ended up the same post.'
Message Tersurat: Wei, Why never update, Update lah!
Message Tersirat: Wtf, YOUR BLOG IS SUPER LAG.
(Its not my fault okay? Don't blame me.)

Well, sorry for neglecting my blog, I'm going to update now, and not forgetting to reply all the message in my tagboard. smiles*

As for today, Wednesday. I've a good news to share.
I Passed My Undang!!
I got 42 out of 50. Okay lah hor? i'm not a smart girl, its alright as long as i passed. Wide smiles* And coughs* i'm not simply lucky okay? I used up my lovely sleep time to read through all the fucking BM undang books. I Hate Bahasa Melayu!!

Can you see?
*Picture quality sucks, after zoom*
Thanks to my noob Z610i.

I need a new phone!! Its been 3 years, time for me to change!!
Sorry Sony Ericsson for not being loyal to you. Get me a LG Prada please. Hah

Lastly before i go to the next post, did you people notice, there's another strikes on my Unconditional Desires. eye brows shaking*

And yeah, got to go for my Driving lesson soon. Whooo!


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