Simple dinner for my Seventeen

Friday, April 03, 2009

Turning into:
Because i'm stupid - SS501
(still not over it, Heh)

Simple Birthday Dinner @ Summer Garden
with my darlings and family.
(family, only mum, bro and Lucas bro. The rest of them are not around)
Saddening, but still i enjoyed.


also LAVANZZA, Italy's Favorite Coffee

Ignore the umbrella, was raining yesterday. zzz

Simple Design with matching Colors and decoration.

Transparent Glass with water flowing, from the outer look of the restaurant.
Create an raining illusion when there's not raining. Special decorations.

Low lightning in the restaurant, create a warmer atmosphere.


Pretty display.

Pictures hanging on the colorful wall.

And there's a pretty mirror in the restaurant.
so that it looks more spacious.

Lots of Pretty in the restaurant, Hence lots of pretty in this post. lol.

Hmmm, many pictures of the pretty environment but not any of mine and friends? Thats impossible. How could i miss it? Taking pictures with pretty stuff is fun.

Oops, taking pictures is not weird okay? Regarding to what somebody said to somebody. Shake head*

After we take our order, we discovered the inner part of the restaurant had a little function dinning place and a pretty bar.

Pretty bar.

then come with a piano,

Wooden Cupboard,

and Antique Phone as well.

Pretty bar, again.

My darling were trying to act like the horse on the piano.

My hot darlings/babe/jimui/soulmates/girlfriends/bestfriends/family/Bff and etc.
I love them 8995238790429057493058349790498230 much. Big hugs*

Pictures credit to My god bro, Lucas.

After the taking picture session, lets start with the Food.

Rose Tea

Tomato Soup


Surprisingly they served Japanese food. Thumbs up*

Vienna sausages

Char Grilled Lamb Cutlet

Lamb with Spagetthi

Cappucino Blended

Soft Shell Crab

Vanilla MilkShake

Apricot Chicken

Roast Back of Lamb.

Most of us, ordered Lamb, delicious*

Makan, makan . .

I'm doing this while they're busy eating.

They joined me later on. Took pictures after the meal. Heh

Suddenly, a play of the birthday song comes with a waiter holding a cake and walking towards my side. Act surprised, but didn't cry. Tears will ruin the make up. So, NO NO! Lmao* (Well, we asked for the cake after the meal, but no doubt acting surprise is nice) Grins*

My cake, 'Happy Birthday to Povy ♡ Super Hot Seventeen'

Half way through, they broke it. zzZ

Should i angry at them? Hmmm

Its alright, they fixed it in the end. Pat pat*

Happy Moment passes fast, cam whore again at this pretty place before we left.

Act innocent, But we 'Ban innocent face'. Inside jokes.

Lastly, Thanks mum for the dinner. Sorry bro and Lucas for didn't spend much time with you two. And thanks for darlings accompany me.

I enjoyed this simple birthday and had great times with you people. :)

My Super Hot Seventeen ends this way, okay?
(One of my favorite picture of the night - Love)

P/s : Thank you Eugene for the mini cake on Wednesday night.

P/p/s : Thank you Ken and the rest for the mini celebration in school. I appreciated so much.

Thanks to everyone who wish me, in personal, face to face, sms, msn, my blog, facebook, friendster or passing messages.

Thank you so much, lots of Love.

And yay! i got two tiramisu cakes for this year. wide smiles*



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