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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turning into:
Eh Eh - Lady Gaga

Weekend, weekend!!. :)

Friday ;

Went to Redbox with our long lost friend, Tan Chee Huai. After that, ate some ice cream at Haagen Dasz. We ordered the same but with the different type of ice cream.



Jane's ; the boring one she had.

Saturday ;

Went PC Fair at Pisa with Jane and Belle. Bought myself a white cheap pendrive. Happy* Was too crowd, didn't manage to pictures. Evening, Vivian and i went to Gurney with Sze to have our dinner at Xuan Xin.

The dinner was great.

Vivian left after the dinner. Bye Darling.

Later on, watched Shinjuku Incident with Sze. The movie was nice but it was terrifying horrible with all the violence act in the movie. Especially on the scene that the hand of Daniel Wu been chopped down. Wtf, i rather he died for not suffering from those. Well, Jackie Chan, the hero of the movie playing the good guy in the movie, sacrificing himself for all his heng dai even giving up on her love one, Fang Bin Bin for them. Such a stupid guy. Hah

Moral value of the movie
Positive: Help your friends! Sacrifice everything for them.
Negative: Don't be busy body, mind your own business.

After movie,

Happy Sleepover ;

Marina Bay;

Yeah when girls did some nonsense in the middle of night.

My little Sze

The toilet

& the room

Povy & Stitch

Sze & Flying Love

Lights off, goodnight.
Oh, horrible. 2 lesbian sleeping together. Hah

Beautiful Sunday;
Raining in the morning, & vivian couldn't make it,
It ain't that beautiful after all.

Before leaving Marina Bay

Picked jane up and had our beautiful breakfast at Gurney Coffee Bean.

Beautiful breakfast

Okay, coming up with the retard version of me and jane with sze's shade.

Retard us?

Greenish Wingeez ;
missing vivian.

Dance Dance Revolution ;
drove us back to 2006.

After lunch, headed back to jane's house. Jane and Sze have to attend some lesson on their Beautiful Sunday, sounds awful. What about me? remained at jane's place, and watched 'Paris Hilton My New Bff' alone. Thanks to MTV, they made my boring Sunday noon into Beautiful Sunday, hah. But still felt lonely and sad. I love Paris, Shelley and Brittany. Well, Brittany is the final bff of Paris. ttyn to all the bffs, by Paris. ;)

My Beautiful Sunday in Black and White

Hows my Picture Combo Post? Satisfied.


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