Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turning into:
Question - Blaque

On Everyone's Lips currently under Blog-Dead/Lazy-Blog Mode, and same to facebook. All in Freezing Mode.
Its been a bloody boring week for my first week holiday, guess it will continue.
Not really plan for my holidays, rather stay at home and busy watching My Bof. Its so Lifeless i know.
Oops, did the same thing, missed the Undang Test on today, again. zzz

Ever Lie, Ever Mind, Ever Ask . . .

Summarise for thesedays ;

Saturday was fine, with my darlings and girls. Except for that part, eyesight infection. Eyemore anyone? :)

Sunday, Gathering. Woke up fucking early for the preparation but still i'm late. T___T
Nothing much bout the gathering, Bloody Bored! I fell asleep okay? Can you see how boring it is?.
But still one thing remain the same is, the fashion show. Not much model for this year compare to last year. Everyone tried their best and of course it was the best part of the gathering, for me anyway.
A clap for all the pretty models, designer, Lichen and Me, so called Make up Artist. Lmao.

Jane, the VIP
(She left early for ballet lesson)

Lichen, the designer
(Great job she did!! proud of her. ;D)

*Not much pictures taken*
Fashion show pictures/clips will be up, soon. Stay Tuned.

Peeps, i'm in White. Do i look heavenly? Perasan*

Lately, craving for Korea Food and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream.
Yeah, April's babe with birthday voucher for the month. winks*

Mood swing, not sure when will be the next post coming up.
& for this, What a simple post?. :)

Before i singing off, I ate alot on Yesterday.
Love all the Dessert, so sweet.
Sweet thing is lovely. ♥

A better try, a better life.
Its in your hand and keep it right.
Can't get over it, Fuck off and stay aside.
In your little Corner, enjoy the self-emo side.
- Suicide


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