I'm back

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Turning into:
Come Clean - Hilary Duff

Hello People, i'm back. Thanks to those people who blessed me with all the warm messages, Much appreciated. *big hugs*

Its 1st of April,
Happy April Fool to everyone!
lets start to countdown to my birthday,
2nd of April!
Few more hours to go.
This is true, i'm not lying and no point to do so too. winks*

Presently, many things happened, i lost my relationship and a friend of mine although she didn't treat me as a real friend.(what you wrote on my tagboard)

Well, the twist and turn, the kiss and make up? From what you both said? Trying to protect yourself? I couldn't care less. eye-rolling-smile*

Your fakeness and explanation are abysmal and disastrous. Your appearance is horrifying and utterly mortifying. Pish-Posh . . .
- A friend of mine
Thank you dude. ;)
And thanks for the short talk, Katherine,
I know my sister love me.
The talk solved everything.

Till then, did not blog much. Still considering should i take the '=.=' post down? wonders*

Love Povy


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