Girls day out

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Turning into:
May - Belle Epoque

Girls day out

Confession of a shopaholic & Earth Hour

Saturday, Gurney - Movie with them, Vivian, Jane, Cleo, Lichen and Sabrina. And celebrating our Earth Hour. The day was fun and was pack too, full of people and met alot of friends, Hello*

First, Movie time, Confession of a Shopaholic

Ladies with
met Chloe and Joan after the movie.

Such a great movie, and i'm totally agree with that,
' Shopping is just simply drives girls/ladies/everyone crazy '

And don't miss this out, people!
He's just not that into you

in theater on 9th of April 2009

And yeah, Joan

The high waist girls.

Yeah, shout out.
Earth Hour is staring at 8.30pm, get ready people and switch off your light!!

Fyi, i was out, in the mall. Heh. So we decided to go somewhere 'Save the Earth' too. For instance, Starbucks is a great, they switch off their light! They save the earth.

Dark? Ignore Breeks.

Sabrina ordered a Green Tea Blended.

Green Green, Go Green!!

Lets show the Earth Hour Sign,

The Earth

One Hour!!

Got nothing to do, talked with them and took some pictures.

# 1

Vivian, my darling

# 2

My ex classmate aka prefect in my school, scary. Hah

# 3

Sabrina, love the way she do everything, Charm!

# 4

Cleo and Bf, Jeremy.
' I'm your hair' from Cleo. How sweet.

# 5

Jane, My ten years darling.

# 6

Povy, Stingy Lover

My darlings and me. Whooo~

Before we left, Meet Emily and Zhigie, Hello Sweetie*

& Meikee, Lynne, CHia Hoay and Puiyin as well.

Meikee!! Hugs*

Time flies, back to 9.30, the day is back again and time to say Bye to Earth Hour.

Well, got this at Body Shop! Good Good. :)

Did not write much bout this article, let the pictures do the talking. The story is about to create by yourself. :)

Guess i shall end with this two pictures.

Singing off now, and Happy Birthday to me!!

With Love, Povy



  1. So, are all Penang girls this pretty...or are you all special cases? :) lol

  2. We are special cases? Why? Isn't it previously you think Penang girls are not pretty? Lol :D

    Btw, Thanks for the birhday wish, Josh. :)

  3. Haha, no, actually I've heard before that Penang girls (and well Ipoh too) are pretty lor. It's a common saying...wonder how true it is that's why better I ask a Penangite :) So what did you get for your birthday?

  4. I don't know any ipoh girls, Too bad. :D
    Well, Kl are girls are more pretty.

    The broke up - the best gift ever. zzz