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Friday, April 03, 2009

Turning into:
Because i'm stupid - SS501

Friday, a day after my official birthday. Open-close-eyes* Today is my school's sports day, no more on my birthday. Stay at home lazy to go, since i'm not participating in any activities.

Just finish downloading 'Because i'm stupid - SS501 ', Gosh, i'm so into the song and the drama too, 'Boys Before Flower'(Korea version). But i couldn't get a clear version from Youtube and Tudou is too slow. Moreover, PPstream is faster but it turns my computer system down while loading the movie. Jesus Christ!! I ended it at last, and wait for the super slow Tudou.

And f.y.i, i haven't complete the first episode from 1pm till now. It took such a long time, Yawn* exclude the computer restart session and the 2 hours Nap. Heh.

People, see what i get from my darlings?

Some cute little puffs/mini cakes/tart or what ever.
Cute and adorable. ;)

Can anyone tell me what is the name of this cute little thing?
Bought it from Ritz.

yeah, pictures with this cute little thing.

Jane got the Strawberry flavor;

We got the Chocolate and Coffee.

Sweet and yummy* Saliva drop

Thank you darling for everything, especially be by my side when i'm not okay. Anyway, i'm super alright now, don't have to worry bout me anymore. Great to hear that? Flying kisses and winks*

Finally, few more minutes to complete the loading for first episode. Yawn* Going to watch later and also blog about Simple dinner for my Seventeen. Stay tuned.


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