Boring Holiday Plans

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Old Pic/My November
(Colored Hair & Color Lens)

逃避是懦弱的行动,面对是解决最好的方法吗? . . .


Two weeks holiday starts on Monday, got no plans. Stayed at home and watch Boys before Flower almost everyday.

Well, lets plan for my week,
Thursday - Scouts preparation for Gathering on Sunday, Oh, He's just not that into you is showing now. Wheeee! Gonna go for it soon.
Friday - Scouts preparation for Gathering, again, Watch He's just not that into you after scouts, 7pm for the movie. I'll try to end my scouts earlier and go for it. Giggle*
Saturday - Scouts!! Roar*, Dinner. Thats it. What to do? Scouts occupy my outing time. zzz
Sunday - GATHERING till 7pm. Its must be a tiring day, Sleep~

get me something to do, boredom kills.

P/s : Don't worry i won't miss my Boys before Flower. Smiles*

Turning into:
My Heart Had a Brain Freeze - A&T


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