Weekend - ii

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I don't really love beach; but i don't hate it, for today. cheese*

Sunday, buffet lunch at Park Royal with Gooi Family and John Tang. Was a fine morning though i slept late, not enough sleep.

Buffet lunch are what you people can easily be seen in the hotel, no exception. The lunch was pretty delicious, which you will not able to eat all of them in 2 hours time. And so sad that i don't have such a big stomach, cannot fit in too many things. But still i liked the dessert most. wipe my saliva*

Lets start with the Fruits,

And end with the Dessert.

Eat eat eat, eat as fast as you can, before the buffet lunch end. heh

Mummy and Uncle Gooi and Auntie Gooi

A picture with our god mum, Auntie Gooi. lol

After eating, walked around . .


Read this before you leave the beach.

Teng Family

Alright, the rich Tang treated us for ride. Why treat?
This stupid four wheel ride cost 50 bucks for about 20 minutes. wtf

I'm a good driver. =D

Along the beach,

Saw this gang of Ang Mo, they were from Australia. And guess what are they doing? They were doing pedicure and medicure. I guess it was kinda nice to do something at the beach besides swimming, building the sand castle and bla bla bla.

Before we left, saw a couple were taking their wedding picture.

Time to leave, Time to say Goodbye.

Bye Beach /

Evening, went to Gurney passed something to my darling jane, as she's going off to Hongkong on Monday. Will miss my darling and take care yea. But its alright, she's coming back on Thursday, the day after my exam. Gotta hang out together with my darling yea. wheee*

Night, had a belated dinner celebration for my sister. Ate Hageen Dasz after the meal. An additional menu for the latest promotion, New Cappuccino Truffle, in Hageen Dasz. happy 15th birthday to Hageen dasz and a great new is, Hageen Dasz are giving out 15% discount on every item for their 15th anniversary. Go eat some ice cream on the special discount before the valid day 31st of may. Its open for everyone, not only for the member, though i'm the premium member. Hah.

Love the design of the Menu, classy.

Ordered something from the menu, but don't really remember whats the name. heh

Till then bye.

P/s, Due to my lazyness, i copied the HTML of the pictures from my sister's blog. Hence, the sizes of the pictures are smaller.

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