Weekend - i

Monday, March 16, 2009

A great Saturday morning, woke up earlier and surprisingly went for my breakfast with girl girl at Coffee Bean, Gurney Hotel. The first breakfast for me and girl girl after so long, normally we don't get to eat your breakfast. Most of the time, the breakfast plan will be ended up eating brunch. Wtf.

Well, coffee bean served coffee and some non coffee drinks all the time but they do served some english breakfast in the morning too.

Coffee Bean ;

Noon, study study. So just skipped it.

Evening, Gurney for dinner but too late, had my late dinner at Sakae Sushi and Winter Warmers.

Joined Viki and Vivian during Sakae Sushi, Jane and Sze came after their movie. They watched Dragon Ball Evolution. For me, guess it will be some lame movie with super power but they found that the main character are so Handsome. Speechless.

Mr. Viki Jaya, Classmate since 2007

Wingeez Darling

Cleo and Emily after their movie together with Jane and Sze.

Here comes,
the combination picture of Wingeez.

After that, Vivian went off with Vic for a movie date.

After awhile, Winter Warmers for my second dinner. Emily and Zhigie joined us, and had lotsa talk. As you know, girls like to gossip so do some guys. lol.

Anyway, Emily changed her clothes few hours later after i met at Sakae Sushi, pretty random her, but its better than somebody wearing the same outfit for almost the whole day for the splash party huh? Uhh, not really sure about that.

Well, before we left, went to G-Hotel. Spotted this cute little aquarium in the girls toilet. But pity those fishes inside, they're swimming in such a small area. Sorry can't help, i'm not the owner of the G-Hotel. laughs*

Looks like fake fish, but they're real. lol.

The black & blur;
Emily, Me, LinHui, Zhigie

Midnight, went youth park for while to meet up with Jie Loon. He was back from Singapore for a week holiday. Then headed to UPR. Not much people but saw some drunkies got into a little fight at Soi-11. Looks scary yet funny. hah.

Babylon ;

No alcoholic and no clubbing.

Took a picture with the Singapore-Malaysian, Jie Loon before i left.

*ignored my eye bags*

Friends, have fun and enjoy without me aite. Happy Belated Birthday to Alan the King? Met him in front of Mois. lol.

Well, lets talk about the highlights of the night, the football match by Manchester United and Liverpool had occupy everyone on this Saturday night. I can see people around in the Gurney(sitting at Sega, breeks & etc) were yelling and screaming like shit after the match came to the suckiest end.

Eh, MAN UTD 1 - LIVERPOOL 4. wtf

The match was terrible as i'm one of the MANU fans. emo* Btw, what about the next match following later? Arsernal and Black something something. Pay no interest so don't really remember. lol.

*cough cough* Kinda out of my topic, btw got to go now, Goodbye everyone and have a sweet dream tonight.

May your love one be with you tonight. Isn't it sounds sweet? bow*

Next up, Weekend part ii, Sunday- Lunch at Park Royal.

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