Tiring weekend

Thursday, March 12, 2009

*Late update*

Last Saturday, was suppose to go Gurney earlier to take my lunch with my darlings Sze sze and Vivian. I'm late, Sze sze went back fro tuition, but coming back later. grin* So met up with Vivian after Sze sze left, had our lunch at Nando's. Cleo, Joan and Charlene joined us as well. Had some random talk and gossip, laughs*

Vivian ate something light, where as i ate something expensive and can't even fill my stomach. wtf

Chicken Kebab

Peri Fries

Me & Joan

& Charlene

# Snap 1, Cleo & Vivian

#Snap 2, Shy?

Sze came after her tuition, big hug*

So what are we waiting for? Jane come back from her Undang lesson.

Besides eating and talking, we also went to look for the latest Hello Kitty collection launching by M.A.C. I missed out the fashion models part and the free gift give away part, but i still enjoyed looking on it. And managed to take some pictures with the pretty design.

Picture credit to Cleo & the free lance photographer?

And how can i forget to blog about this? The latest LG PRADA II

Its one of my Unconditional Desire.

Later on, bumped into one of my school mate, Sara & the gang of friends from my school too.

Spotted, 3 guys with a girl. lol*

They looked shy over here.

Finally, Jane came around 5. Had our little tea time moment at Winter Warmers.

Bumped into these lovely people too,



Picture of the day :

before i left.

In the evening, Samantha came and picked me up to Venice's birthday party with Brian. Thanks for the ride.
* Happy Birthday Venice *
The party was held at LAB bar, batu ferringhi. got there too early and watched the sunset while waiting for the party to start. Had some talk with Samantha and met Felicia later on.


Venice, the birthday girl

Few hours later, Sean fetched and left the party before it ends officially. Sorry Venice. Ronda around at batu ferringhi side. And decided to go BED eventually and bumped into my holiday friends, Eugene and Raymond. Ah Ju was working, too bad then. Well, got nothing to do there and played 'Typing Ghost'. It wasn't what you people are thinking of, it wasn't scary at all, just to play with speed of typing.

So called candid taken by Eugene. lol.

Reached home at 2 something. The day was dirty tiring as i woke up early to SP in the morning and hanging around for the whole day. Had a heavy sleep after the day ends.

P/s, not much picture and elaboration of the party. More about the party? Venice blog

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