Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Turning into - Mad, Neyo

A post about .. My Baby tamagotchi met her friends, Vivian's tamagotchi.

#1, two cute little eggs.

(Vivian on left, Mine on right)

#2, they're talking

' Hi, i'm a familygotchi with three babies. '

' Hi, i'm alone no friends with me and my family is dead. *sigh* '

' Its alright, we can make friends. '

' Really? '

' Sure. '



making new friends & holding each other hands.

#4, And they're too desperate, they Kissed.

Thats all, meeting of new chicks. Ignore this post if you find it is too childish for you. lol.

P/s: Slow down all the activities & seldom online, which means not going to blog so often.
Exam next week, Holidays. Thus, Study Mode is On. T__T

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