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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Turning into:
When it rains - paramore


Yay, guess what i get today? I got my new wallet from my eldest sister eventually, when she was having her trip in Milan. Though i didn't like it at the first place, cause she bought me and joyce ( my third sister) the same wallet but different colour. lol. But i like it when i'm holding it (on my hand), its way much better and nicer than pictures, more classy yea. Thank you Da jie, and also thanks to Natasha for delivering the goods all the way from Uk, i know its kinda weighty. Thanks lots.

Btw, mum was happy with her new bag. smiles*

My new wallet. heh
(One of my Unconditional Desires)

Yeah, my eldest sister and her friends, Natasha.

I love you da jie, don't be jealous pf and joyce.
Although my heart is small
but there's always a space for you people, my precious family.

P/s: Blue dress along? isit the one? *points to the pictures above* O.o
Thanks anyway. :)

Next up : Earth Hour Outing with my darlings and my public whisperer/gossip hunn. (You know who you are, girls. Loves*) Waiting for more pictures from Cleo. Stay tuned.

*Yawn and waves*
Goodnight people


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