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Monday, March 30, 2009

Turning into:
Driving myself insane - Frankie J

Inside jokes sharing,

Hello. Poh Vee here. Tonight is my boyfriend's birthday. But he chose to spend it with his ex. So he is now my ex. Anyone want to date me tonight ?

That makes me laugh like hell, and thank you Josh for all the concern. :)

Some random thought related to my Personal message, 'Love is just a piece of shit'.

Well, we find ourselves facing highs and lows everyday. The highs are the most happening but also disappointing, because after every high there is always a low. And the lows are always the harder, because its never good, and its always that way.

The thing is, we'll never know how bad it can get and its scary sometimes thinking about it.

Imagine, you can already tell what is happening ahead. Drafted out in your mind, you can already tell how you'd react to what is going to happen. But can you really solve it and get to manage it well on that time?

Everything is going to be fine after a great crash? Perhaps?.

Or why don't we try to fix it before it turns to the down?

Dear Povy, you know in your heart, its going to be a horrible point in your life after crashing straight to absolute bottom.



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